Vegan leather strap
  • Soft and supple: the hand-stitched, high-quality vegan leather behaves like animal leather, conforming to your feet over time. Unlike animal leather, our vegan leather is also water resistant.
  • The straps are fixed to the foam base using traditional shoemaking methods, designed to stop them breaking.
  • Made using our signature one-piece construction, we reduce waste in the manufacturing process whilst creating an elegant silhouette.

Foam Footbed

  • Mon Fred's ultrasoft foam footbed was developed to take the shape of your foot over time and provide a custom fit. 
Rubber Sole
  • The rubber sole provides a durable and grippy surface that allows us to make the foam footbed softer whilst making sure the shoe doesn't wear out over time.


  • The box is made from recycled cardboard, which is also recyclable.
  • The travel bag is made from 100% cotton.